Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine Day at Social Media

With social networks being powerful like search engines now, I observed that on the Valentine Day social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Video sharing sites were as colorful as the nearby Mall. I observed some lovely pictures, people sharing stories, love quotes and even posting what they got as valentine day gifts.

Here are some highlights of the this year Valentine day as observed by Perry Belcher over social networks:

  • A pic was posted titled Grumpy Cat. In the picture of the cat it was written "If you are SAD about being alone on Valentine's day, Just remember................................... No one loves you on the other days of the year" 
  • Second intersting share over facebok regarding valentines day was a story of old man who was trying hard to find a valentine day, on reading the complete story is was found that his wife died three years ago and every year he buy roses and cards on the day and bring those to her grave. 
  • Guy Kawasaki share some tips for singles for the valentine day
  • Yemi Alade share a valentine day letter
  • I can't recall but someone posted proposal rejection prank as well and it was funny
  •  Few people spend the day on twitter only
@Google plus:
  • All I remember is the nice pics of roses all over google plus and some youtube videos as well. 

I hope you all have good time on the valentine's day. Let the love flourish like this whole year.

Signing off now
Perry Belcher -

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Benefits of video promotions

Do you love watching videos online? Of course you do, in fact anyone who use internet likes videos. The second important question that I am gonna ask you is : Are you using videos for promotions or online marketing?

If yes then its great high five from me. But in case your answer is no, then this post is specially for you. I really want to convince you to start video promotions and that's the reason I am posting "Benefits of video promotions".

 There are lots of benefits of video promotions and its just like TV advertisement. If you are marketing your products and services over internet using video, you'll get the same benefits as of the TV ads.

First and the most important benefit is that the videos gets user attractions and are memorable for long time as compared to text ads, articles, press release etc. Thus your customers would have a better impression.

 The second benefit is that videos saves time, its easier to create a 5 minutes video rather than creating long copies. All you need is a video recorder or you can use your latest iphone as well ;)

Also videos gets ranked in search engines very quickly, so you get maximum exposure to your products and services using videos.

So start video marketing today.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Facebook Video at Perry Belcher fan Page

Did you get a chance to see my new video at the Perry Belcher facebook fan page? If not you are see the video at my fan page located at Facebook -  or you can see the embedded video below:

This is one of the videos from the Traffic and Conversion summit 2013. I've already posted my pics from the summit at this blog. Please take a look at the pics as well and share your feedback.

I'll soon share more videos and pics.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Perry Belcher

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Perry Belcher at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2013

Hi once again from Perry Belcher. I am sharing some pictures of recent "Traffic & Conversion Summit 2013" It was great beginning of 2013 and I am quiet excited about the year 2013 as I'd set some goals to be ahcieved this year and it includes starting 2 new businesses as well. I'll share more details about the business I plan to start later.

Please take a look at the pics of Perry Belcher at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2013

Get ready Perry, its your turn to speak now :)

Perry Belcher speaking at the "Traffic and Conversion Summit 2013"

Hey, Perry Belcher, I still got some questions for you.

Its time to get some pics, Perry posing for camera after summit.

Perry Belcher enjoying some light moments in the summit.

I hope you liked the pics. 

Thanks for watching

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Are you listed over Brandyourself?

Perry Belcher once again welcomes you to this blog. It has been great journey blogging here from last couple of months and I thank you all for your support and feedback, that works as a motivating factor to write more and interact more with you all.

In this post I'd like to tell you about a very interesting website called Brandyourself and the URL is This website is very simple to use and important from branding purpose. You can rank at only 1-2 top places in the google first page for your brand name searches. For remaining results you don't have any control so this is the site you must create an account and you'll have one more result for you name. Apart from this site you can creat a facebook page, twitter, linkedin, youtube account. This way you'll have all 10 results in the first page of google that are under your control. For a smaple of what your page would look like take a look at Perry Belcher page.

For more information just create account and start exploring.

Best Wishes,
Perry Belcher

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Perry Belcher PR - Closet Show Tune Addict

Hi All,

Recently new PR was released that highlights Perry Belcher admitting addiction to Closet Show Tune.  According to the released press release Perry Belcher has admitted to his addiction to listening Broadway show tunes many times a day. Its also being reported that many people have seen him singing as well.

You can read the complete PR here and ask Perry to sing a song with you or for you when you meet him at some marketing expo on on the super market or on the highway :)

Thanks and wish you a great day !

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Perry Belcher Skydiving Video

Sharing my skydiving video in this post. It was an amazing experience, jumping from the aircraft, flying like a bird and then land on the ground. Until my first experience with skydiving I've seen people doing skydiving on TV, movies or some air force shows only.

Here is the video of Perry Belcher Skydiving. Please watch the video and share your comments at this blog on at the video page. You are also invited to take a look at some other videos I've posted over vimeo, my channel name at vimeo is Perry Belcher and complete URL is

I'll be soon uploading new videos from my recent conference, where I talked about how to sell eBooks and brand yourself at Amazon.  So don't forget to bookmark or subscribe to the video channel and keep visiting.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for your time reading this post.

Perry Belcher