Thursday, 6 December 2012

Perry Belcher Presentation at Authorstream

Authorstream is a website that allows you to upload and share powerpoint presentations with others. You can also keep presentions private or share with friends only. This is a great tool, you no longer need to email presenations or carry a CD or other hand held storate device with you for presenations. Just upload to slide sharign websites like  Authorstream and enjoy.

I recently upload one power point presentation here with the title "Perry Belcher Presentation" now I can share this with anyone I want and the best part is that I can embed the presenation in this blog or any site that I own.

Please take a look at the presenation below:

I hope you'll find this site helpful, and in case you like the Perry Belcher Presentation, then please post your comments and share it with others.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Perry Belcher

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