Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Perry Belcher at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2013

Hi once again from Perry Belcher. I am sharing some pictures of recent "Traffic & Conversion Summit 2013" It was great beginning of 2013 and I am quiet excited about the year 2013 as I'd set some goals to be ahcieved this year and it includes starting 2 new businesses as well. I'll share more details about the business I plan to start later.

Please take a look at the pics of Perry Belcher at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2013

Get ready Perry, its your turn to speak now :)

Perry Belcher speaking at the "Traffic and Conversion Summit 2013"

Hey, Perry Belcher, I still got some questions for you.

Its time to get some pics, Perry posing for camera after summit.

Perry Belcher enjoying some light moments in the summit.

I hope you liked the pics. 

Thanks for watching

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