Friday, 14 December 2012

Social Media Marketing Tips

Hi Friends,

This is Perry Belcher once again saying thanks to all of you for visiting my blog. In this post I am going to post some tips about social media marketing. With the populairty of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus and pinterest etc. a new type of marketing emerged called social media marketing. I am sure you must have heard, know and  use almost 90% of popular social networking sites. Thus it would be beneficial if you know about social media marketing and how you can use it easily and effectively.

Those of you who don't like to read stuff over computer, please take a look at the my video embedded below. Title of the video is Perry Belcher Social Media Marketing and you can find it at all major video sharing sites.

I hope you like this video. Please feel free to scubscribe to my youtube channel, simply search for Perry Belcher at Youtube and you'll find me.

Those people who don't mind reading, here are some quick tips about social media marketing.  Its not the full video transcript but highlights of what I said in the video regarding social media marketing. Many times people ask me about how I make money from social networks, let me clear you that social networks are not for making money but making friends and connections. Of course I make money from social networks but its from a different process, there are some methods that works.

This video is about social networks and how if effects my life and business. I use various social networks site like I party. Remember that in a party you talk about  what you do, your personal life, kids family etc and not what you sell.  And yes if you meet someone who want you help in what you do you can offer that.

Once you have make friends over social networks ask them to visit your blog/website. Its just like how you ask people at party to visit your home. At home you can tell them what you do and all those stuff, people will remember you and approach or refer you when they need services you offer.

Its all about networking, make friends, be nice, supportive  complementary and offer free stuff. This is how it works and it working like this from years.

That was all about social media marketing tips.

Hope you like this post.

Perry Belcher

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